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My projects.

Below, you'll find a list of recent projects I have worked on. More projects will be available soon but are available by request for the time being.

Timeline: September 2019 – February 2020

The Member Center Refresh was the first large project I had the opportunity to work on at C&F Pet. It is the home to multiple pet insurance brands for thousands of customers across the U.S.

As the primary designer and front-end developer on the project, I was tasked with redesigning and building out new features such as notifications, a new dashboard interface and an easier claim submission process.

I collaborated with other designers to gain feedback, ideas and insights. I worked with a back-end developer to ensure our code seemlessly worked together. This project was built with HTML, Less (CSS), and the Umbraco CMS.

Visit the Member Center
Timeline: Summer 2018

While at my internship, I was asked to create a brand new website for CHC Addiction Services – a local health center in Akron, Ohio. The website was built using the WordPress CMS and custom HTML and CSS.

I designed the website to fit the content the client provided while also creating the site's navigation structure for ease of use.

Visit CHC Addiction Services
Timeline: Summer 2018

The Heritage Classical Academy website was another new design I worked on at my internship. I was asked to organize content provided by the client and create the site's navigation structure adhering to all of the client's needs.

Visit Heritage Classical Academy
Timeline: Ongoing

Sometimes to practice and to learn new skills, I like to mess around with CSS and create fun items to share on the web. Here are a couple of examples I've created on CodePen.

See the Pen Simple CSS Buttons by Jacob Lisic (@jlisic) on CodePen.

See the Pen CSS Form by Jacob Lisic (@jlisic) on CodePen.

I'm always working on something new so feel free to check here again sometime soon to look at my new projects! Plus, I've got a new, more in-depth project page coming soon.