Kent Historical Society Museum

Kent Historical Society Museum

Skills used:

Project Management
Craft CMS

In my Spring 2017 Advanced Responsive Web Design course, we were tasked with creating a new website for the Kent Historical Society and Museum. Our class was divided into three teams, each with a team leader. These three teams were the UX team, the Design team, and the CMS team. My role was the team lead for the CMS team. This entailed working closely with CMS team members and our professor to ensure the back-end of the website was correctly implemented.

What I contributed:

  • Researched the old KHS website, finding which pages were visited the most and which were visited the least.
  • Led CMS team updates and meetings.
  • Assigned team members tasks to be completed by a particular deadline.
  • Answered CMS team members questions about the implementation of specific features in the CMS.
  • Presented to the client regarding the CMS team's progress.
  • Created the HTML and CSS for the header navigation.
  • Constructed the global fields for the CMS.
  • Worked on integrating the global fields in the header, footer, and on multiple pages.
  • Ensured content was outputted on the website by editing the code for specific pages.
  • Transferred the CSS to the back-end of the website. This ensured the design was correctly displayed on the screen.
  • Assisted the UX team with inputting content into the CMS.