Skills used:

User Experience
Project Management
Content Strategy
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator

In my last semester at Kent State, I had the incredible opportunity to work on a new application that would be available to families in the Akron Children's Hospital Connections program at the Family Child Learning Center. The Connections program is designed to assist families with childern with autism. My capstone group was tasked with designing the companion application for the program. We worked with our professor Dr. Richard Ferdig and a development team to create a working iOS and Android app. The app is currently in the process of finishing development and will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store in the coming weeks. For now, you can view the interactive prototype of the app.

Our Process:

  • We started our project by creating a Needs Analysis Survey. We thought of a list of features, based off of our initial meeting with the client, that we believed the Connections families would use in the app.
  • We took the features the families listed as their most important, and began designing wireframes for the app to gain approval from the client.
  • Based off of our completed and approved wireframes, I created the design of the app. This step included a few iterations because of feedback from our professor and the client. I also designed the app's logo during this phase.
  • Next, we tested the application with the client and the families to ensure that our design was intuitive and easy to use.
  • We created a user guide for the client. The goal of the guide was to help the client understand how to use the Content Management System (CMS) I designed for the app and a tutorial of the Connections app.