Buckeye Bed & Breakfast

Buckeye Bed & Breakfast

Skills used:

Responsive Web Design

Buckeye Bed & Breakfast is a website that I created in my Responsive Web Design course during the fall 2017 semester. I learned the overall process of developing a website throughout the course and implemented that process in my final project.

Development Process:

  • Researched competing bed and breakfasts, listing frequent content on all websites that would help me decide what content to use for Buckeye Bed and Breakfast.
  • Gathered content provided to me and choose which content needed to be implemented into the website.
  • Sketched mockup pages of what I wanted the design of the website to look like.
  • Created a style tiles for the website, along with a working interactive prototype.
  • Developed final website templates based off of my research, sketches, and style tile.
  • Executed usability and technical testing.
  • Created a pattern library based off of the final objects of the website.